V-GENN Technical Information

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V-Genn is a concentrated diesel fuel additive designed to effectively clean the injectors and safely remove baked on carbon deposits from pistons and the combustion chamber. It extends the life of the diesel pump and the injectors.

Improves Fuel Economy

Extends Diesel Particulate Filter Life and Reduces DPF Regenerations Cycles

By creating an optimum burn of fuel in the combustion chamber, less soot is created thus less contamination of the DPF filter which will require less regeneration cycles.

Contains Cetane Enhancer to Boost Performance

Cetane reduces the flash point of diesel which allows a more complete burn.

Provides Superior Anti-Gelling Properties to – 55°C

Gelling becomes an issue In colder temperatures, reducing fuel flow thru the filter.

Substantially Reduces Injector Failure

The introduction of low-sulphur diesel has removed much of the lubricity in diesel thus contributing to more injector failures.

Removes Moisture from Fuel Tank

Uses a “Hydrophilic” (water loving) agent to identify and suspend any moisture in the fuel. This allows it to be burnt with the fuel.

Which also aids in the reduction of algae growth in the fuel tank.

Improves Resistance to Oxidation and Thermal Degradation

Diesel over time absorbs oxygen which degrades the fuels ability to completely burn.

Fluctuation in temperatures also causes condensation in fuel which further impedes its ability to burn.

Reduces Exhaust Emissions

By aiding in a more complete fuel burn exhaust emissions are reduced.

Catalytic Converter and Sensor Safe

Does Not Void Manufactures Warranty